Hot Moms Cookbook

Where the Regular Mom becomes the Celebrity Chef!

"Best New Cookbook"

Join us on an adventure of tempting new recipes and flavours!

Beautifully Designed

121 full-page visual step-by-step cookbook with hard cover, special sewn back spine and premium quality paper.

A Special Gift

Looking for a unique gift? Great for house warming, mother's day, valentine's day, birthday or just because.

Simple Recipes

Delicious homemade recipes, including appetizers, entrees, vegetarian dishes, fish, soups, salads, and desserts.

Simple Cooking

These recipes don't require a great deal of experience in the kitchen, which makes them ideal for novice cooks looking for a quick, tasty dinner idea.

Unique Cookbook

The idea - capture regular moms cooking real food in thier own kitchen, and NOT celebrity chefs or food gurus cooking in a studio.

Red Hot Apron

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Home Cooked Meals

Hot Moms Cookbook® was created to promote adventurous home cooked meals and to change the way we think about cooking.

Hot Moms Cookbook® is packed with recipes by regular moms! Inspired by the exceptional foods found in the ordinary homes of real moms, this unique cookbook features a wide variety of recipes using ingredients found in everyday kitchens.

More than just a cookbook

Hot Moms Cookbook® is a testament to Moms conviction that anything is possible in today’s world - with the right mix of persistence and innovative thinking. This cookbook is a journey featuring real moms in their own kitchens. These moms reveal a glimpse into the inner workings of an average mom cooking up a family meal.

Sneak Peek

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